Giving Back to Communities

GSFA's efforts to bolster communities and economic growth through housing related initiatives

Research has shown that when families have safe, stable and affordable homes, they are better able to find employment, achieve economic mobility, perform better in school, and maintain better health.

While GSFA's main focus is to provide financial assistance programs to help Californians purchase homes and/or make energy efficiency improvements to properties, GSFA also engages in philanthropic endeavors, when feasible, to create and maintain strong communities.



Emergency Disaster Assistance

GSFA has provided over $3.5 million in emergency disaster assistance to address the impact of forest fires on California residents. The funds were provided to assist residents with temporary housing as well as rebuilding or obtaining of future long-term residences.

The initial shock and damage from fires is tremendous, but like any crisis, the long-term effect upon survivors and the entire community can be long-lasting. Thousands of California residents have been displaced by fires due to destroyed or damaged residences in recent years. Many residents suffer loss of income as well, which can impair their ability to obtain or maintain housing as a direct result of various fires.

  • Years 2018-2019 - Fires in Butte and Shasta Counties
    • The GSFA Board of Directors allocated a total of $1,000,000 ($1 million) in disaster relief assistance to Butte and Shasta Counties to aid victims of the Camp and Carr Fires.
      • Of the $750,000 allocated to Butte County, $25,000 was granted to United Policyholders, to support that organization's efforts to assist impacted homeowners in obtaining and maximizing insurance benefits. The remaining funds were distributed to County of Butte ($250,000) and the Town of Paradise ($475,000) to fund incentives to residents rebuilding homes in those jurisdictions. The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. The fire caused at least 85 civilian fatalities, destroyed 18,804 structures and scorched an area of 153,336 acres.
      • The $250,000 allocated to Shasta County was granted to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation to provide financial assistance for rebuilding costs such as development service fees for issuing permits, reviewing plans, conducting inspections and installation of sprinkler systems in replacement homes. The Carr fire damaged or destroyed over 1,800 residential, commercial and other structures and claimed the lives of three fire personnel and civilians as it burned over 229,600 acres. It is classified as the seventh most destructive fire in California history.

  • December 2017 - Various Fires in California

  • November 2017 - Detwiler Fire, Mariposa County
    • GSFA provided $163,000 to Mariposa County residents through the Mariposa Community Foundation to further efforts to provide safe and sanitary interim housing to individuals and families displaced from their primary residence by the Detwiler Fire. Declared both a local and state disaster, the Detwiler Fire destroyed more than 63 residences, and 68 other structures when it burned more than 81,000 acres in July 2017.

  • February 2016 - Valley and Butte Fires, Lake and Calaveras Counties
    • GSFA provided $350,000 to Lake County and $150,000 to Calaveras County to further efforts to provide safe and sanitary interim housing to individuals and families displaced from their primary residence by the respective Valley and Butte fires in 2016. Both fires, declared state and federal disasters, took great tolls on their respective communities. The Valley Fire burned 73,700 acres, dstroyed 585 homes, and was responsible for 3 confirmed deaths, while the Butte Fire destroyed 365 homes, burned 70,760 acres, with 2 confirmed deaths.


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