GSFA Advanced Rebate Program (ARP) Program

Provides Bridge Financing for Energy Storage Technology

Developer Resource Guide

Participating as an approved Developer with GSFA's Advanced Rebate Payment (ARP) Program can help you expand your business footprint and attract more clients.

Our Developer Guide provides resources for Developers interested in participating as well as those already approved by GSFA and ready to submit projects for review and approval.

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Program Guidelines


Project Forms

The following documents will assist GSFA Approved Developers or homeowners with how to submit SGIP-ERB Approved Projects for bridge financing through the GSFA ARP Program:

To Become a GSFA Approved Developer

To participate in the GSFA ARP Program, Developer must be an SGIP approved developer in good standing under SGIP and maintain licensing and insurance requirements as outlined under the SGIP Program and as required by State law.

To apply for GSFA Approval as a Developer for the GSFA ARP Program, complete and return to GSFA the following documents:

The marketing literature provided below is for use by GSFA Approved Developers. The literature is available for download in PDF format for ease of printing. The templates are intentionally designed with blank input fields for the Developer to add company and contact information before printing.

If you have questions regarding the supplied literature templates or general marketing questions, please Contact Us.

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